Shepody Potato


Shepody is a potato seed variety that introduced from Canada, it’s a medium mature variety, from the date of planting, 120 days will be needed for the harvest. The plant is green and thick with various branches of foliage, 60~80cm in height. Oval round shape leaves and with high foliage cover. The flower is purple, occasionally white. Early flowering and long flowering period. The tuberization is centralized, oval shape, more than 10cm long, occasionally over 20cm. White skin, white flesh, smooth texture and low sprout eye.


The over-sized rate is high, 19%~23% dry matter content, 80%~85% commodity rate.

The planting of Shepody is not strict, but it’s very sensitive against drought and flood, especially flood. This variety favors sand soil and has high demand of water and fertilizer. This variety has higher degrading rate, the resistance against early blight, late blight, scab, PVX, PVY and ring rot is relatively low.

The harvest of Shepdoy varies according to different condition, normally 22.5~45 tons per hectare.

Application: Shepody is mostly used in french fries industry, especially in fast food industry like McDonalds’ and KFC.



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