Russet Burbank potato seeds

Russet Burbank potato field

Russet Burbank potato fieldIn rural place of Yulin, Shanxi Province, China, the local farmer starts the planting of one potato named Russet Burbank. This variety starts from Holland, introduced from U.S., was a oval shape, dark skin, tough texture variety compared with regular ones.  The yield for Russet Burbank potato seeds can reach 4.5 tons per 667 sqaure meters while the regular ones are only 2~2.5 tons. This is a instant benefit for local farmers.

As an important income source for local farmers, the potato can not only serve for table use, but also starch and flour process. Russet Burbank are most suitable for french fries. This variety is low in sugar content, normally below 0.3% compare with 0.5% from other variety, this feature results a nice color appearance after frying. The high consistency of dry matter, around 22%~24% compared with 19%~20% of other varieties, will make the french fries straight in shape instead of curved or broken. As a result, Russet Burbank is the most popular potato seeds variety in U.S. for fast food industry.

Despite of all those positive features, Russet Burbank potato minitubers are very sensitive to water and fertilizer, therefore, this variety is suitable for big agriculture enterprise with professional management and financial support.

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