Field management of Favorita

favorita filed management
favorita filed managementTo plant Favorita potato seeds are Favorita potato minitubers, below are the keys to high yield:
1. Soil plowing, balanced fertilizer. Choose deep, fertilized and loose soil, legume or cereal crops are planted in previous season. Sandy soil is preferred, deep plow for 25-30 cm. For each 667 square meter, 4000~5000 kg manure,  50 kg ammonium bicarbonate, 25kg diammonium phosphate 25 kg are used before planting. For soil with pests,  3-4 kilograms pesticide can be used simultaneously. 
2. Select early mature variety Favorita, germination before sowing. 20-25 days before the broadcast, place the seed at 15-20-degree scattered light. Turn the seeds in very 7-8 days to ensure budding uniformity. When most of buds sprout, diced  the tube or sow the whole potato into the ground. For each tuber, 1~2 buds are required.
3. Timing of the sowing. In China, the places that along the great wall territory, plant the seeds in the first half of April. For south hilly places, end of March. The sowing space is 40cm by 70cm. The ridge should not exceed 15cm in windy places. Each 667 square meters, 4500 seeds are used.
4. Field management. After 15~20 days, the sprouts are uniformed. Fertilize the plants with 15 KG ammonium bicarbonate and irrigate. In flowering period, then entire filed should be uremic dressed. Also keep the soil wet.



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