Keys to harvest Atlantic potato seeds

Atlantic potato minituber harvesting

Atlantic potato minituber harvestingAtlantic potato seeds are introduced from United states, it’s an excellent choice for potato chips with high yield and premium quality, the keys for good harvest are:

Before seeding, plowing the soil for 24~25cm deep and then flatten it. Watering the soil ten days for seeding.

Prepare the fertilizer 20 days before seeding. For every 667 square meters, mix 300~500KG manure with 25~50 KG of  ammonium acid carbonate. After the fermentation, bury under the soil.

Before planting the Atlantic potato seeds or Atlantic potato minitubers, sterilize them. For each 667 square meters, use 120KG of metalaxy, 400~500 times. Slice the seeds if needed, minitubers are not required, leave some sprout points for every slice. Immerse the potato seeds slice with 10mg/KGS gibberellin in 10KG water for 5 minutes. For sprout promotion, place the seeds in clean flat ground with sprouts upwards. After 15 days, the sprouts are ready. For such preparation, the temperature should be less than 25 degree, otherwise, the tuber will stop growing.

The arrangement of seeding can be 70cm*20cm, 6~8cm deep. Sprout upwards, ridging 10~15cm. Cover the soil with a plastic film for keeping temperature and humidity until the sprouts breaks the film.

When 3~5 leaves are sprouted, pay attention to aphid. During tuberization, the amount of irrigation and fertilization should be larger than other times.

In China, the Atlantic potato seeds that harvested in June are the best in quality.


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