Plantation of minituber plantlets

Vermiculite is used as the soil for minituber plantation. Grass peat or Perlite are also used, or mixed with vermiculite as the planting soil. The nutrition is better for tuberization while it holds enough damp without overflow. The planting container adopts 60cm×40cm×20cm plastic basket, with hols in beneath for both draining and ventilation.

When the temperature reaches 18 ℃~20 ℃, lightening 2000~3000lx for 20 hours, plant the micro-plantlets which had been harden for 24~48 hours. The plant hardening is not inevitable, but with hardening, the plant leave is greener and rooting spreading, the survival rate will be increased.

Before plantation, irrigate the soil and flatten the surface. Fetch the plants be tweezers and remove all liquid residue. Use a stick with diameter 1cm to dig a hole in the soil. Insert the plants, cover and water. Cover the small plants by a plastic film to maintain temperature and humidity, it will be better to increase survival rate and keep the plant strong. The space between two plants are 3cm by 5cm.

The small plants are kept in bottle for 25~30 days before moving to the greenhouse for plantation.

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