Potato as the 4th main crop in China

potato, potato minitubers, potato seeds

potato, potato minitubers, potato seedsChinese ministry of agriculture had start the strategy to make potato as the 4th main crop in China, following rice, wheat and maize. Ever since, a big public debate had aroused, some nutritionist states that, potato features all characteristics of vegetable, fruits, but, in a view of it’s nutrition content, it belongs to main crop and it’s wrong to classify it as vegetable.

Potato is rich is nutrition and has wide adaptability and high yield capacity. It’s the 3rd most important crop in the world, following wheat and corn. In China, main potato growing areas are in the north-west, south-west, inner-Mongolia and north-east. Varieties include: Atlantic, Shepody, Spunta, etc.

The fans of potato are thrilled to have it as a main crop, they can lists dozens of recipes for potato cooking. In some place of China such as Inner-Mongolia, it has already served both as vegetable and main diet. However, in south China where rice is more common, people expressed that potato will never take the place of rice as serving the main diet, it’s unacceptable.

It’s clearly that potato is helpful for the control of weight gain, prevent of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, but to make it into



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