Sprout promotion by tuber cutting

shepody potato seeds

During potato seeds planting, sometimes we need to cut the tuber for the sprout promotion. The weight for each tuber piece cut is normally 20~25 gram, for a single 500g potato seeds, it can be cut into 20~25 pieces, each piece includes one to two sprout points.

cut potato tuber for sprout

For the 50g tuber cutting, slice the whole tuber from top to bottom into two pieces; for 70~90g tuber, 3 pieces by cutting bottom for one piece, the rest into 2 pieces. For 100g tuber, then 4.

During the potato seeds cutting, each pieces should no be too small. The smaller the tuber size is, the less nutrition and water it will contain, the growing will be affected according. If the tuber is too small, the resistance against drought will also be affected. If rotten, or ill potatoes were cut, destroy the tuber immediately and sterilize the blade to avoid the spreading of virus. Place the blade on the 75% alcohol fire and then immerse into 1% potassium permanganate for sterilization.

When all tubers are cut, place them flatly in temperature 17℃-18℃, humidity 80~85% condition for 3~4 days for the wounds scabbing. The humidity should be high enough to prevent water loss. After the scabbing, the sprout promotion can start.

If the promotion, make a small pool by bricks. Spray some water before placing a layer of tubers on the ground, after that, some sawdust or sand (sterilized) is place. Repeat this process for 3~5 times and finally on the top, place a layer of jut bags or other layer  which must be good for ventilation. Plastic films are not allowed.

If the total tuber quantity is not big, lay them all in the ground, covered with web jute bags.


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