Summary of those premium potato chips in UK

Potato chips, lady rosetta potato chips

Potato chips, lady rosetta potato chipsWhat’s the favorite snack in UK ? Potato chips must be it. The chips of various kinds can be found in Super market all over UK. It can never be exaggerated that potato chips are the national food in UK. But besides potato chips, people in UK also like classification, BBC used to express one news which describes potato chips into 7 class, the Manual book of Middle Class also classify potato chips, according to which level represents different social level, or we can say the Pyramid of Potato chips.

Pipers, which is claimed to be the favorite chips of middle class, must be on the top of the Pyramid. The simple package doesn’t indicate any special features, but the taste is something that Piper are proud of. Although Pipers only has eight flavor, but each of them had be awarded of Gold Great Taste Award, and annually from 2007. Apart from that, Pipers can only be purchased in Pubs, Hotels, Stadiums instead of normal supermarket. If you want to know where to buy Pipers, don’t bother going to normal stores, ask the local distributor instead.

Burts potato chips are from Devon of UK. At the beginning, only one staff are frying chips in the factory. Now it has spread into 25 countries. Fresh raw material are the spotlight of Burts, and hand cooking, no artificial ingredient. Burts has some special flavor such as Firecraker lobster, pesto, sea salts and crushed peppercorn. The same as Pipers, it can never been found in supermarkets, go ask the local agent for the retailing of Burts.

Tyrrells is on the third level from the top, but it still has good reputation. The factory of Tyrrells locates in Herefordshire. The raw material are only from Lady Rosetta potato seeds or Lady Claire. No artificial ingredient, Tyrrells are most suitable for girls, not to mention is special package that somehow has a vibe of Vintage. Tyrrells has many flavor such as Ludlow Sausage & Mustard, Honey Roast Ham & Cranberry, English Summer Barbecue, etc, some of them are specially designed for vegetarians.

Kettle is at the 4th level from the top, maybe because it’s originate from U.S. Kettle was found on 1982 and entered into UK in 1987. The most famous flavor is called Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar. There are many special features in its flavor, package or retail channel, it can be found easily in various supermarket.

Walkers is the most common brand and claimed to be the favorite for normal UK guys. The logo of Walkers are very similar to Lay’s. In fact, Walkers had already been purchased by Pepsico. Walkers has almost all flavors that you can imagine, and is able to be found in almost every supermarket.

Pringles was established by P&G from U.S. in 1970, and has the highest retailing amount in the world. It has higher turnover in U.S. compared with that in UK. The barrel package in the extinguished feature that Pringles has and there is no bag package. In turns of flavor, it has many types, some limited version are sometimes provided such as Pecan pie, White Chocolate, Salted caramel.



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