The brief history and introduction of potato minitubers

In the 1970s, the emergence of potato tip culture technique promotes the development of potato virus-free seeding system, simultaneously, the production of virus-free potato minitubers provides a much more convenient shortcut for potato seeds storage, transportation, exchange and production. Therefore, the introduction of potato minituber production is a huge revolution in potato seed breeding.

The technology, which is called potato tissue culture, or hydroponic system, cuts tissues from virus-free plantlet and propagates in certain kinds of liquid nutrition. After 3~4 months of growth, each plant has the availability of growing 3~5 minitubers, 1~3 grams in weight. With proper temperature, the production cycle can be all year round.

By using this application for breeding minitubers, the production circles is reduced, propagation efficiency increased and large quantity of minitubers can be produced within a short period.

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