The features and significance of potato minitubers

1. Better seed quality. As the potato is produced in pest-free hydroponic environment, the growing period is shorter, the opportunities of virus, bacteria and fungi infections are less. Since the minitubers are virus-free, the yield capacity can be increased by 40% without the seed quality degrading.

2. Small in size, light in weight, the transportation cost per each tuber is reduced. For each 667 square meter, only 10~15KGs minitubers are used while for bigger tubers, the usage is 100KGs per 667 square meter. The transportation cost is reduced.

3. Longer dormancy, compared with seeds grades, the G0 potato minituber has a dormancy of 90~100 days which is 2~3 times longer than other grades. It avoids the seeds sprouting during transportation, causing seed rotting and dehydration. It’s also more convenient for seed storage, without using other warehousing facility such air conditioner. On the other hand, the dormancy period should be supervised carefully, otherwise, the sprouting will not be simultaneously, causing problems in field management.

4. The sprouting rate of potato minitubers is100% as long as the temperature and humidity is normal. The field management is easier since all tubers sprout and grow at a similar speed.

5. High speed production. To produce potato minitubers in greenhouse, each square meter harvests 2000~3000 tubers. In each year, there can be 3~5 harvests.

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