The Lady Rosetta potato variety

Lady Rosetta is one of the most popular potato variety among the world, in all terms of growing area, application field and economic value. It’s red in skin, yellow in flesh, very high resistance against common virus such as PVX, PVA, etc. This variety is firstly developed by Dutch company and now is growing all over the world. Due to it’s high resistance of drought, it’s mostly popular in gulf region and north Africa.

Research shows that lady rosetta is very high in dry mater levers and low in sugar content. It makse this variety becoming a very suitable variety for early harvest and potato crisping chips processing. The variety has a longer dormancy than other variety, making it suitable for long storage and long transportation.

Lady Rosetta has red skin, round shape with shallow eyes, uniform in shapes, making it excellent for starch and flour process. It’s a very high marketable crops with high yield and easy management. Since the variety has good drought resistance and doesn’t effect much from sufficient irrigation, the management is very each to handle, making this variety very good to investors.

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