The location selection for minituber greenhouse

The basic principle for potato minitubers greenhouse is to avoid the infection during tuber production, the necessary conditions include:

  1. The greenhouse should better be located in place with high altitude, the climate better be cool.
  2. The aphid coverage should be small. Aphid is least pest that should be found in minituber greenhouse.
  3. The greenhouse should be far away from farm land. Solanum melongena plants must not be found in surrounding area.
  4. Sufficient water supply, convenient logistic condition.
  5. Better with isolation forest nearby.

The greenhouse is an excellent choice for potato minituber production. The plantlets can be grown in high density with large yield capacity, hydroponic solution can also be used. The top height of the greenhouse is 2.2~2.8m while the side height 1.8~2m. For each plant bed row, 30m long and 4.5~6m wide. In the ventilation system, 50 mesh should be fixed for the prevention of pest, especially aphid. The greenhouse should be strong enough for storms and hail storm, in summer time, shading system should be provided to reflect extra sunlight. The passage between plant bed can be 0.4~0.5m width, paved by pebbles or bricks.

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