The soil selection of Hermes potato seeds

hermes potato seed soil selection

hermes potato seed soil selectionHermes is a new potato variety cultivated from Holland, it’s a medium early potato seeds variety for table use and crisp chips.

The Hermes potato are green in stern, large in foliage and pink in flower. High tuberization rate, round and uniform tuber shape, smooth skin and yellow in flesh. The Hermes potato minitubers are long in dormancy, sometimes 4~5 months, dry matter rate 20%, starch rate 15%, very suitable for table application.  This variety is immune or high resistant to late blight, dry rot, PVY and PVA. Average yield capacity 2.5~3 tons per 667 square meter.

Hermes potato seeds favor deep soil with good ventilation, medium nutrition and convenient drainage, pH value slightly acid. Sandy soil is an excellent choice as the plant roots will grow and spread perfectly in such condition, the sprouting in quick and uniform, high tuberization rate and uniform tuber shape. The wet land with poor drainage affects the growing of tuber, causing the downwards of yield. The infest of disease is also on a high risk.

The soil selected can never be used for gramineae or leguminous crops in the previous planting season. Solanaceae is strictly prohibited. The soil should be plowed before planting. During the growing period, potassium is needed the most, followed by nitrogen, phosphorus the least. The fertilization quantity during tuberization period is much more than that of plant growing period. Normally, for each 667SQM, 5000kg organic farm manure, 50kg SSP and 50kg potato specialy fertilizer are used.


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